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Modern Farmhouse Style Art Snickerhaus Studio

Surround yourself with love, warmth, and things that make you smile.

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Modern Farmhouse Style Art
Snickerhaus Studio
 Artist Christine Belt

 Man desires to embrace what is honest, pure, and fascinating. Christine's art encourages man to connect with others and nature.  Snickerhaus Studio offers original art and limited edition print decor that is said to evoke loving emotions full of warmth, smiles, and appreciation for nature.


Three Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas', each 10x10"

$125 Each

Charlotte at Snickerhaus Garden

 Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas, 10x10"


Woodland Collection #9

Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas', 9 Paintings 8x8" each.
This collection is available as a whole collection or groupings of three or six.  
Full Collection - $1,070
Collection of six - $714
Collection of three - $357

#'s 1-3

Detail of # 1 Woodland Collection,Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas, 8x8".

Woodland Collection #'s 4&5

This painting depicts a neighborhood in Nebraska City where Christine use to live in the past.  Many who have seen this painting have commented that it reminds them of a place they have seen before and love; or that it is like their grandmother's home.  It seems to evoke those warm, loving feelings one has when they visit their sweet grandma or neighbor who share wisdom and good ol' homemade cooking.

Autumn in Nebraska City
Acrylic on Masonite, 36x36"

Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas, 30x30"


This photo was taken of a flower garden Christine grew in her own back yard in Nebraska City. She was inspired to do so after walking through her neighborhood discovering many gorgeous flowers. Her favorites are sunflowers, dahlias, and irises as they each seem to have their own personalities.  Quite often she uses her photos as references for her floral paintings. 

Sensational Sunflower
Photograph, Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print, 24x24x2"

Acrylic on Hollow Core Wood Board, 28x36"

Bucky and Lilly
Acrylic,Watercolor, & Pastel, 18x24"
$595 - SOLD, YET!
Limited Edition Prints available. 
Click on the below link for printed products and pricing.


Snickerhaus Studio


Located in the Papillion,Nebraska area.
Open by Appointment
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All artwork featured at this web site is copyright of artist Christine Belt. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.