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                   Artist Christine Belt
From the Heartland of America
Papillion, Nebraska
After a lifetime of frequent visits to Taos, New Mexico, in 2009, Christine was awestruck and influenced by Taos's artist's bold and dynamic creations first hand.  Subsequently, she made a decision to end her teaching career after twenty two years and was driven to respond to that influence from Taos's artist community with a Midwest Twist.  Christine tapped into New Mexico's energy and connected it to her Midwest roots.  Her style thus emerged and is best described as "Contemporary Rural"; blending beautifully into Farmhouse Art. 

Those are fantastic! They look exactly
like the people there! Seriously, they are great.

I would love to have you paint one when I'm on the dance floor. Have you shown those to the actual people in the picture? They are really, really good!!!

May 1, 2009...your work is just wonderful! What a talent! Omaha, NE artist.

June 15, 2009...Your work is beautiful! You are a very talented artist! Omaha graphic artist and photographer.

2012 Chris is such a wonderful Artist!! She has an amazing talent of drawing people, flowers, and animals and bringing them to life with vibrant colors and genuine details. I love her work!! The sincerity and passion that she puts into the work that she "Loves" definitely shows. She has an eye for the little details and that is what makes her art so genuine and unique.

Snickerhaus Studio offers original art and limited edition print decor that evokes loving emotions full of warmth, smiles, and appreciation for nature. 

Studio Visit You may purchase products directly on line or collectors of original art may call and leave a message (402) 981-8964 to schedule an appointment for a tour of Christine's private studio. All calls will be returned within 24 to 48 hours.