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Surround yourself with love, warmth, and what makes your heart sing.

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  • A client chooses a piece he or she wishes to lease for a three-month period, with possible renewal of up to one year (or, what ever reasonable agreed upon time frame).

  • Delivery charge for each new piece and/or rotation of pieces is $25.

  • The piece is leased according to its selling price, usually at 5% per month of the selling price. (i.e. 5% of $1000 is $50 per month)


Renter’s Name  ______________________________________________________

Address  ___________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip   ______________________________________________________

Telephone  ______________________________License #___________________________

Start Date of Rental  ________ Date Due  ________ Rental Fee ________

Artist/Agent Name- Christine Belt

Address - 706 Janesview Street

City/State/Zip - Papillion, NE 68046

Telephone - (402) 981-8964

This agreement is subject to the terms and conditions below.


Renter Signature


Artist Signature


Terms and Conditions of Lease

  1. Rental period is 3 months.  Paintings may be re-rented successively for one year at which time they must be purchased or returned.  Rental fees can be applied to purchase price.  Renter agrees to handle carefully and return on due date or pay over charge of $4 per day.  Rental and renewal fees are payable in advance.

  2. Renter shall be responsible during rental term for loss of or damage to said property from whatever cause, including fire and theft.  Frame may not be painted or altered.  Painting may not be painted or altered.  Painting may not be transferred to another person’s care.

  3.  At the expiration, termination or default of this Rental Agreement, Renter agrees to return said property to artist in original condition.


Painting title ______________________________________________________

Medium and size____________________________________________________

Total Price of Artwork_______________________________________________